A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

Christmas is about creating wonderful memories and celebrating with our loved ones. Why not make it even better and create a new family tradition?! If you’re looking for a unique way to experience this Christmas then visit Selvatica, the BEST adventure park in Cancun…

But what makes Selvatica so unique? Why spend Christmas in Selvatica?      Here’s why:

  1. Ditch the Cold Weather:

If you’re sick of having to stay at home in winter because it’s too cold outside, you MUST come to Cancun. Skip the slopes, and bury your feet in the silky, smooth Caribbean sand! Although Selvatica is located in the jungle, the beaches aren’t far away, and transportation rates are very accessible.  christmas-snowman-summer-selvatica

2. Relieve Stress!

It’s vacation time… We often get so carried away with our day to day stress, that even when we are on vacation that stress follows us everywhere we go! Now is your chance to unwind and let go of that stress… With Selvatica’s green and eco-friendly atmosphere you’ll definitely release your worries and finally take a deep breath!

It is proven that green is a color that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. Therefore, being in the middle of the jungle is surely going to bring you peace of mind.


 3. Fun, Fun and more FUN!

Did we mention that you’ll have fun?! Something your vacation needs is lots and lots of fun. Why have a boring, plain family vacation, when you can have a fun-packed adventure in Selvatica? Each activity and package includes different kinds of entertainment for each family member.

Ever dreamt of walking those wobbly bridges in adventure movies like Indiana Jones? Done. Have you wondered what flying feels like? Done.

There is never a dull moment in Selvatica, which is one of the reasons why it is the best adventure park in Cancun… come see for yourself!


4. More than Just an Adventure Park

Selvatica is not your typical adventure park. Selvatica is a whole experience, full of thrilling moments, and never ending fun! From the moment you set foot in the jungle to the moment you hop on your car to leave, Selvatica has you on your toes.

Not only is the atmosphere 100% natural, and the park is commited to saving the planet (big bonus points!), but the service is extraordinary. Each and every one of the employees is passionate about giving you the experience of a lifetime. You’ll leave satisfied and with a smile on your face.


5. Pay little, get a LOT

You’ll never have to worry about getting less than what you’re paying for at Selvatica. Enjoy a day full of exciting activities with your family this Christmas for great, accessible prices! Your visit to Selvatica is definitely worth every last penny, as we are proud to be called the #1 Adventure park of Cancun by TripAdvisor!

We assure you that you will have an amazing time with us. Don’t forget to check out our promotions each month, to get unbelievable discounts!

We hope to see you soon, happy holidays!


Selvatica’s Wildlife & Activities in the Jungle!

Selvatica’s Wildlife & Activities in the Jungle!

Join Us!

Explore the depths of the jungle with Selvatica… Don’t miss out on the chance to see some of the wild species that live in the Caribbean’s  tropical rainforests. Selvatica’s activities in the jungle will awaken your adventurous side and fill you with excitement!

What makes Selvatica special?

Unlike most theme parks in the zone, Selvatica is NOT in a man made environment! It sounds surprising, but most of the “natural” caves, rivers, and the vegetation in the other adventure or nature parks are actually artificial!

But don’t worry, Selvatica’s trees and overall environment is natural, making your experience there be wild and genuine.

Wildlife in Riviera Maya

One of the reasons why people choose to visit the Caribbean is the exotic flora and fauna found in its tropical jungles! Meet some of the species that inhabit Riviera Maya’s jungles…

Howler Monkey


The Mexican black howler monkey is one of the biggest monkey species in America. On average, it’s around 30 inches long – not including its tail.  These monkeys usually live in groups of 4 to 11 members. They’re strict herbivores who consume a variety of fruits, plants and leaves. Sadly, they are an endangered species, so only in special areas like Quintana Roo you might catch a glimpse of them.



The Morelet’s Crocodile is also known as an Alligator. It is relatively small, usually less than 3m in length. They have a broad snout, and are greyish brown in color with dark bands and spots on their bodies and tails. They mainly live in areas of freshwater, including swamps and marshes in forested areas.



Hawks spend their days gracefully soaring over open areas or perched on cottonwoods, willows, and mesquites along lowland streams. Female hawks are generally larger than their male counterparts. A hawk can live up to 20 years, although 13 to 15 years is about the norm. They patiently watch for lizards, then catch them with a swift dart toward the ground. A hawk can live up to 20 years, although 13 to 15 years is about the norm. You can see them flying over the jungles in Cancun.



The jaguar , the largest feline in America and the third in the world (after the lion and the tiger), inhabits the tropical jungles of Quintana Roo, although it is an endangered species.  Many ancient American cultures such as the Maya and Aztec, featured the jaguar in their mythologies, it was often regarded as a symbol of strength.



The Mexican Barracudas are characterized by their overall snake-like appearance and predominant silver color with black markings, which include a strong lateral line and stripes on the sides. The barracuda is highly evolved to be a master predator in its environment—the fish has been developing its skills for 50 million years!


You can get to know all of these species and more when visiting the Riviera Maya. Don’t miss out on the fun, and enjoy Selvatica’s activities in the jungle to feel a true connection with Earth and nature!