Have a Life Changing Experience with Dolphins in Cozumel

The year is almost over. 2018 has been very eye-opening for some, for others it might have been just another year. Regardless of which is your case, you probably still want to do something extraordinary before it is over. If you want to end the year on a high note, visit the Caribbean and swim with Dolphins in Cozumel, you won’t regret it.

Why Swim with Dolphins in Cozumel?


There are many reasons to visit Dolphinaris, but you may be wondering “why should you pick Cozumel to swim with dolphins?”… Here are some of the best reasons why Cozumel is the ideal place for you!

Cozumel is Safe:

Unlike all the headlines saying that Mexico is extremely unsafe, and you’re probably gonna get robbed or stabbed or something along the lines, Cozumel is safe! Cozumel is secluded from the nightlife that engulfs the caribbean at times, and it has a pretty laid-back vibe and is sure to be a great experience for you!


Cozumel is a very special place where you’ll have a blast while swimming with Dolphins.

We LOVE Animals:


We aren’t joking saying we are absolutely obsessed with granting you the best memories and experiences that you could imagine… With that same passion we have for making people happy, we are constantly making sure that our dolphins are leading a healthy, happy and fun life!

Dolphinaris thrives for excellence and is aware of the animal’s wellbeing, so we hope that in your visit we can teach you something about animal care! Our programs are crafted for you to learn while having fun and experiencing life-changing moments, in hopes that you’ll keep on spreading awareness when you go back home.

Everyone can Enjoy:


Whether you’re 5 or 70 years old, Dolphinaris makes sure that you’ll be able to enjoy our activities. We think that there is no age to have fun, however there are certain features that aren’t suitable for some people. No hard feelings though, we do this for your own safety.

If you’re bringing your family with you this vacation to swim with dolphins in Cozumel, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check our programs and different features so that you’re aware of the available activities and amazing promotions! Our Website.

Passionate for what We Do:


Here at Dolphinaris we are very passionate about what we do. We make sure that every little detail is perfect and that our customers are happy and satisfied with their stay here.

We are mainly concerned about 2 major factors: safety and fun! To ensure your experience is the best possible, we are constantly improving our facilities and making sure we follow the health and safety protocols required by animal welfare organizations.

Our staff is always friendly and our installations are always clean for you to feel comfortable at all times! So why don’t you take the opportunity to visit Cozumel and its amazing features with Dolphinaris? Make unforgettable memories and have a blast with your family!

What are you waiting for to swim your way into 2019 with Dolphinaris?!

How to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cancun

How to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cancun

Every Mexican knows that Cinco de Mayo is Independence Day for Mexico. Wait. That’s not right. Now I remember. Every American thinks Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day. True Mexican’s know Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 16. So what is Cinco de Mayo then? Why is it celebrated so universally in the United States?

Roughly fifty years after its independence, Mexico was in financial ruin. France saw this as an opportunity to extend its imperialism. When France attempted to overtake Puebla, Mexico, the villagers fought back. Despite being outnumbered by the French army, 2:1, the villagers of Puebla were victorious—on you guessed it, Cinco de Mayo.

The United States eventually lent a hand to Mexico to fully vanquish France from their imperialist pursuit. American’s were so impressed with what a little village like Puebla, Mexico was able to accomplish against a military monster like France, that news of the defensive stand spread. Eventually, it became, somewhat of ‘Celebrate Mexico’ day in the United States.

In honor of the, ahem, ‘Mexican’ holiday of Cinco de Mayo, Cancun’s Ventura Park is offering a MONSTER ONLINE DEAL you can’t miss out on(more details later) to all visitors this May 5. Want to know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cancun? This is your guide.

Ventura Park

Located on Kilometer Marker 25 in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Ventura Park is a galaxy of fun. There are SO many different entertainment worlds to choose from. No matter who you’re coming with, you’re sure to find something for everyone. Let’s explore each world Ventura Park offers.

Fun World: Are you bringing your 7-year-old son to Ventura Park? Has Grandma decided to come along? The more the merrier right? Well, we have just the entertainment world for you. Fun World! Grandma can her 7-year-old grandson and show him the rides she used to take when she was his age. Together they can ride the classic merry-go-round.

Aaahventura: Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for your next fix? You’re in for quite the treat then. Aaahventura was tailor made for those enjoy an extreme outdoor expedition. Soar through the air at a height of 80 feet on a 4 zipline circuit. Wanna try something you’ve never seen before? How about Tarzania, an 800-foot zipline that converts into a roller coaster?  Feeling bold? Try out 65-foot bungee jump. Simulate a jungle expedition by testing your agility on our hanging aerial bridges—guaranteed to wobble! If you want adrenaline, you have to come to Ventura Park’s Aaahventura.

Grand Prix: Is velocity a necessity?  Then you’re going to love our 275-yard seaside go karting track. Just buckle up, and press the pedal to the metal. Enjoy the ocean’s breeze while you speed through our track at 25 mph. Who’s got the best driving skills in your group? You’re about to find out.


How often do you get a chance to swim with dolphins? How many chances do you get to come face to face with one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet? Come to Mexico’s best dolphinarium and take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. Dolphinaris is the only dolphinarium in Mexico certified by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals.

There are so many different options available to you at Dolphinaris. You can spend the ENTIRE day with the six dolphins as their trainer. Just imagine the Facebook Like frenzy you’ll start by posting a picture of you shaking ‘fins’ with a dolphin. Better yet, post a picture of you soaring through the air as two dolphins propel you forward with ease. It’s not every day you get a chance to swim with Dolphins. Especially not with such an ethically committed organization such as Dolphinaris. Take advantage today, and fulfill a lifelong dream by swimming with a dolphin in Cancun!

Wetn’Wild: Everyone comes to Cancun for the nice warm weather. But sometimes, you just need a chance to cool off and revitalize yourself. When that moment comes, head on over to the world of Wetn’Wild. Whatever your mood, there’s a waterslide waiting for you. Feeling the need for speed? You’re going to love our Kamikaze slide. Prefer to chill and relax?  We’ve got just the waterslide for you. Try our Lazy River option. Let our inner tube bring you inner peace as the current takes you.

Remember that MONSTER online deal you can’t miss out on? Well, here you have it. Purchase tickets ONLINE for Ventura Park this Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) and enjoy 50% online discounts! You read that correctly. The money in your wallet just doubled. That mean’s twice the tacos and margaritas. At Ventura Park we know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cancun. And who do we have to thank for this? That’s right. Mexico’s version of ‘300’, Puebla, Mexico.


Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme Park

Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme Park

 Are you coming to Cancun soon? Are you looking for something new to try for the whole family? Well, guess what, Cancun is about to open a brand new oceanfront theme park named Ventura Park!

Cancun’s Ventura Park is unlike anything you have seen before. Situated in Cancun’s dazzling oceanfront, it will feature wild waterslides, a full dolphinarium, and a host of other fun activities like zip-lining, go-karting and a swing-carousel.


There are two different types of waterslides. The first is more peaceful and relaxing. This is best when you simply want to cool off from the hot tropical heat while at the same time enjoy a tranquil inner-tube ride. If that’s what you’re looking for, Lazy River is a perfect choice, but there are many more.

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you enjoy adrenaline rushes?  Or perhaps you want to try something new. Well, Ventura Park has plenty of waterslides for you. Take for example, the Double Space Bowl. This extraordinary waterslide features you quickly gliding down a slide 50 feet high at more than 30 miles per hour!

Whether you like to take it easy or pursue adventure, Ventura Park’s wide selection of waterslides have you covered.


Everyone wants to swim with dolphins. Whether you’re a grown adult or a kid in grade school, swimming with dolphins is an opportunity everyone dreams of. Well, stop dreaming, wake up and open your eyes to Ventura Park’s full dolphinarium. Here you can interact with these clever and friendly creatures in many ways.

For example, there is the “foot push”, where the dolphin propels you forward by pushing his nose on your foot. There’s also the “dorsal-ride” which allows you to hold on to two dolphin fins, as they race forward. Perhaps you want to try something gentler with the dolphin. Imagine the Facebook likes you’ll get when your friends see you getting a kiss on the cheek by a dolphin!

New Activities

Waterslides & Dolphins, what more can you ask for? Well, this is what makes Ventura Park so special and unique. Not only are there waterslides and dolphins, but there are many other activities like zip-lining, go-karting, virtual reality games, and a theater!

All that fun is going to get the stomach growling. Well, don’t worry. Ventura Park’s Sundeck Lounge features delicious and exquisite cuisine. Not only that, but it has a ping-pong, foosball and air-hockey table. So while you and your spouse and lay back and enjoy the terrace top view, your kids can play a variety of games. There isn’t a better way to cap off an entertaining day at Cancun’s new oceanfront theme park!

Your trip to Cancun is incomplete without visiting Ventura Park! Tell your Hotel or Travel Agency that you want to make a booking for Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme-Park, Ventura Park!