Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun

Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun.

If you’re one of the BOLD, the BRAVE or the ADVENTUROUS, keep reading. Whether you’re testing your boldness for the first time, or you’re a thrill-seeker at heart, you must visit Selvatica for the best Ziplining in Cancun.

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Ziplining in Cancun: Happy New Year!

If you did your research on Cancun’s ziplining options, you must have noticed that there are many places to go. However, there are certain pros and cons that you definitely should be aware of. That’s why we have listed the top reasons why Selvatica could be your best option, and why you’ll probably want to visit us to start this upcoming year!


Ziplining in Cancun has never felt so good! With so many options available it can be quite tiring to evaluate which is the best for you, let us help you see Selvatica with fresh eyes… So that you can choose wisely, and have a blast!

  1. Green as Can Be:

We’re not only talking about our location (which is also pretty amazing as it is centered in the Cancun Jungle) but about how Selvatica cares for the environment! So let’s get this very clear: Selvatica was built in a way that as little as possible trees were chopped off.

From the moment you arrive it’s very clear to see that the jungle it is situated in is pretty untouched. If you care for the planet and want to have fun, Selvatica helps you accomplish that! On the other hand, our biggest competitor has a mix of man-made environment and underground caves.


Selvatica also invites you to contribute to the program Seed of Life, which is based on diminishing carbon-based pollution. This is done by trying to balance out the tree to carbon emitters ratio. Selvatica’s Seed of Life program has helped to plant over 300,000 trees in the area!

2. A Genuine & Grounding Experience

First of all, one of the big advantages Selvatica has is that you won’t be waiting in Disney style lines for anything. Our programs and experiences are organized in a way that there is minimum waiting involved. Although you won’t be roaming around by yourself, and choosing what activity to do first, our guides DEFINITELY make up for it.

If there is something people are always satisfied with at Selvatica, it is the special atmosphere and customer service. We want you to treasure each moment spent here, therefore our staff is full of loving, fun people that are passionate about their jobs.


Something that we are proud to call ourselves is WILD. Why you must be wondering? Our tours and activities are sure to make you feel like one of those adventure movie characters, exploring the jungle! We hope that you feel connected to the Earth each step of the way…


These are only 2 reasons or benefits, but sometimes less is more! If you want to know more about Selvatica’s awesome advantages and features visit our website and our social media!





A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

Christmas is about creating wonderful memories and celebrating with our loved ones. Why not make it even better and create a new family tradition?! If you’re looking for a unique way to experience this Christmas then visit Selvatica, the BEST adventure park in Cancun…

But what makes Selvatica so unique? Why spend Christmas in Selvatica?      Here’s why:

  1. Ditch the Cold Weather:

If you’re sick of having to stay at home in winter because it’s too cold outside, you MUST come to Cancun. Skip the slopes, and bury your feet in the silky, smooth Caribbean sand! Although Selvatica is located in the jungle, the beaches aren’t far away, and transportation rates are very accessible.  christmas-snowman-summer-selvatica

2. Relieve Stress!

It’s vacation time… We often get so carried away with our day to day stress, that even when we are on vacation that stress follows us everywhere we go! Now is your chance to unwind and let go of that stress… With Selvatica’s green and eco-friendly atmosphere you’ll definitely release your worries and finally take a deep breath!

It is proven that green is a color that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. Therefore, being in the middle of the jungle is surely going to bring you peace of mind.


 3. Fun, Fun and more FUN!

Did we mention that you’ll have fun?! Something your vacation needs is lots and lots of fun. Why have a boring, plain family vacation, when you can have a fun-packed adventure in Selvatica? Each activity and package includes different kinds of entertainment for each family member.

Ever dreamt of walking those wobbly bridges in adventure movies like Indiana Jones? Done. Have you wondered what flying feels like? Done.

There is never a dull moment in Selvatica, which is one of the reasons why it is the best adventure park in Cancun… come see for yourself!


4. More than Just an Adventure Park

Selvatica is not your typical adventure park. Selvatica is a whole experience, full of thrilling moments, and never ending fun! From the moment you set foot in the jungle to the moment you hop on your car to leave, Selvatica has you on your toes.

Not only is the atmosphere 100% natural, and the park is commited to saving the planet (big bonus points!), but the service is extraordinary. Each and every one of the employees is passionate about giving you the experience of a lifetime. You’ll leave satisfied and with a smile on your face.


5. Pay little, get a LOT

You’ll never have to worry about getting less than what you’re paying for at Selvatica. Enjoy a day full of exciting activities with your family this Christmas for great, accessible prices! Your visit to Selvatica is definitely worth every last penny, as we are proud to be called the #1 Adventure park of Cancun by TripAdvisor!

We assure you that you will have an amazing time with us. Don’t forget to check out our promotions each month, to get unbelievable discounts!

We hope to see you soon, happy holidays!


Selvatica’s Wildlife & Activities in the Jungle!

Selvatica’s Wildlife & Activities in the Jungle!

Join Us!

Explore the depths of the jungle with Selvatica… Don’t miss out on the chance to see some of the wild species that live in the Caribbean’s  tropical rainforests. Selvatica’s activities in the jungle will awaken your adventurous side and fill you with excitement!

What makes Selvatica special?

Unlike most theme parks in the zone, Selvatica is NOT in a man made environment! It sounds surprising, but most of the “natural” caves, rivers, and the vegetation in the other adventure or nature parks are actually artificial!

But don’t worry, Selvatica’s trees and overall environment is natural, making your experience there be wild and genuine.

Wildlife in Riviera Maya

One of the reasons why people choose to visit the Caribbean is the exotic flora and fauna found in its tropical jungles! Meet some of the species that inhabit Riviera Maya’s jungles…

Howler Monkey


The Mexican black howler monkey is one of the biggest monkey species in America. On average, it’s around 30 inches long – not including its tail.  These monkeys usually live in groups of 4 to 11 members. They’re strict herbivores who consume a variety of fruits, plants and leaves. Sadly, they are an endangered species, so only in special areas like Quintana Roo you might catch a glimpse of them.



The Morelet’s Crocodile is also known as an Alligator. It is relatively small, usually less than 3m in length. They have a broad snout, and are greyish brown in color with dark bands and spots on their bodies and tails. They mainly live in areas of freshwater, including swamps and marshes in forested areas.



Hawks spend their days gracefully soaring over open areas or perched on cottonwoods, willows, and mesquites along lowland streams. Female hawks are generally larger than their male counterparts. A hawk can live up to 20 years, although 13 to 15 years is about the norm. They patiently watch for lizards, then catch them with a swift dart toward the ground. A hawk can live up to 20 years, although 13 to 15 years is about the norm. You can see them flying over the jungles in Cancun.



The jaguar , the largest feline in America and the third in the world (after the lion and the tiger), inhabits the tropical jungles of Quintana Roo, although it is an endangered species.  Many ancient American cultures such as the Maya and Aztec, featured the jaguar in their mythologies, it was often regarded as a symbol of strength.



The Mexican Barracudas are characterized by their overall snake-like appearance and predominant silver color with black markings, which include a strong lateral line and stripes on the sides. The barracuda is highly evolved to be a master predator in its environment—the fish has been developing its skills for 50 million years!


You can get to know all of these species and more when visiting the Riviera Maya. Don’t miss out on the fun, and enjoy Selvatica’s activities in the jungle to feel a true connection with Earth and nature!

TripAdvisor’s Hall Of Fame: Selvatica

TripAdvisor’s Hall Of Fame: Selvatica

If you’re unsure about whether visiting Selvatica or not, you might wanna check out Trip Advisor’s Hall Of Fame… hear it from the experts! One of Selvatica’s proudest recognitions, is that it has a place on this acclaimed Hall of Fame…  TripAdvisor has honored Selvatica by deeming it as one of “the top 5 adventures in the entire world”AND  a traveller’s choice winner being the Number 1 attraction in Cancun for several years now.

Not to be outdone, World Travel Award has bestowed Selvatica with the coveted “Best Adventure Park in Mexico & Latin America” award.

Okay, if those facts are not enough to make you feel like you’ve made the right choice by choosing Selvatica… Let’s go deeper in detail about TripAdvisor’s Hall Of Fame, and other of Selvatica’s certifications.


In case you didn’t know what TripAdvisor is, it is the world’s biggest travel site. You can read reviews, compare prices and book any activity, restaurant or hotel as long as it is registered.



That being said, as you can tell being awarded with a certificate of excellence from this organisation is a pretty big deal.

Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor started giving the Certificate of Excellence to businesses in 2011, and since then only about 10% of the companies that are registered have been awarded.

But why? Simple. This has happened because in order to receive this certificate there are certain guidelines or requirements to follow.              Such as:

Although every business registered is eligible, and there is no application process since the achievement is earned overtime, just as in any other situation in which an award is being given, there are qualities each business must have in order to be recognized.

  • Must have a minimum number of reviews.
  • Maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least 4 out of 5.
  • Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months, or year.

Reviews Selvatica TripAdvisor's Hall Of Fame

Traveller’s Choice

As mentioned before, the Certificate Of Excellence isn’t the only award Selvatica is proud to have recieved. Traveller’s Choice is TripAdvisor’s highest honor, this award identifies and ranks the best businesses such as restaurants, hotels, destinations,islands, attractions, etc. in specific categories and geographies.

Traveller’s Choice winners make up about 1% of listings on TripAdvisor. Both certificates are based on millions of reviews and opinions from users.

World Travel Award

Amongst all of the other certificates and recognitions, Selvatica was announced as the “Best Adventure Park in Mexico and Latin America”.


World Travel Awards™ has acknowledged, rewarded and celebrated excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries since 1993. Today, the World Travel Awards™ brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence.

Now you know! Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame says it:  Selvatica is always a good idea, and experts all over can agree with us on this. Don’t miss out on the unique experiences, available only at Selvatica.

What to see in the Riviera Maya

What to see in the Riviera Maya

The Mayan Riviera is a majestic region that attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. What is the Mayan Riviera? The Mayan Riviera includes popular vacation destination Cancun, and up-and-coming Playa del Carmen as well.

It also features smaller yet still attractive places like Isla Mujeres, located just a couple miles off the coast of Cancun. There’s also Tulum, which is about an hour south of Playa del Carmen. And let’s not forget about Cozumel Island, just off the coast of Playa del Carmen.

If you’re new to the region, you’re going to need a Cancun sightseeing guide to help you navigate to all the hotspots.

Let’s get started!

What to see in the Riviera Maya:

Playa Tortugas:

This gorgeous beach is very popular with travelers. It’s located at kilometer 6.5 of Cancun’s hotel zone. It has everything you could want on a beach. Stunningly clear turquoise waters.  White sand as soft as powder.

Picture this: You’re laying back, enjoying the warm sunshine, and sipping on an ice-cold Corona. The music is pumping and the smell of good Mexican cuisine is in the air.

This is the ultimate place for relaxation.


Sometimes you don’t want relaxation. Sometimes, you just want a jungle adventure! Well, we have found the perfect spot for a jungle tour. Selvatica is Cancun and Latin America’s number one outdoor adventure park.

At Selvatica you can hop on an undeniably badass Polaris ATV and rip through the muddy jungle in style and comfort. If you’re not familiar with Polaris difference, just understand they are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of ATVs. The acceleration, the cushiony-suspension. The difference is noticeable immediately.

Feel like a kid again, and get dirty at Selvatica’s ATV park. You are on vacation, after all, right?

Casa Cenote:

Everyone is always asking: Where are the best cenotes in Cancun? Well, they should be asking, where are the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya?

A unique cenote to visit is Casa Cenote, located in Tulum, about a 2-hour drive south of Cancun. It isn’t a typical, circular cenote. This is a long, winding cenote that spans a few hundred yards. What attracts so many people here, is the water. It is so crystal clear, it will take your breath away.


Find me one person. Find me ONE person on this planet that doesn’t want to swim with dolphins. Impossible right? What better place to take your whole family, than Dolphinaris? Swim and interact with these majestic sea mammals and create a memory you can share with your family forever.

If you act now, Dolphinaris is holding an incredible summer promotion. If you buy a dolphin swim, you get an entry into Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park, for free! The best part is, they are adjacent to each other. Just a 30-second walk, and boom, you’re right there.

Isla Mujeres:

If you want the best snorkeling in Cancun, go to Isla Mujeres. If you’re not familiar, Isla Mujeres is located just a couple miles off the coast of Cancun. A brief ferry ride will take you there. There you can purchase a variety of snorkeling tours. Walk through Isla Mujeres’ idyllic downtown after you’re done.

Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park:

Like we mentioned above, for a limited time, you can get a free pass to Wet’n Wild. There you can find a variety of waterslides for you to cool off on. Some like it fast. Can I suggest the Kamikaze slide? Some like it peaceful. Can I suggest the Lazy River inner-tube float?

Ventura Park:

Wet’n Wild and Dolphinaris are actually located inside of Ventura Park. For an extra 20 bucks per person, you get access to Ventura Park’s other attractions like Fun World. Fun World features Cancun’s only roller coaster. You also get access to AaahVentura. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ve found heaven.

At AaahVentura, you can soar through the air on a zipline. You can do a crazy bungee-jump. You can test your agility of a wobbly hanging aerial bridge.

We hope our “what to see in Riviera Maya” guide will serve you will this summer vacation!

A Talk with the director of Selvatica –Cancun’s best outdoor adventure park

A Talk with the director of Selvatica –Cancun’s best outdoor adventure park

Selvatica is Latin America’s number one outdoor adventure park. It features an array of adrenaline pumping activities in the heart of the Mayan jungle. You can soar above the jungle canopy on their world famous face-first, superman zipline. You can conquer the jungle’s muddy terrain with a tough and world class Polaris ATV. If you’re feeling bold enough, you can take a wild bungee swing off a tall tree.

Think you’re agile? Find out on their hanging aerial bridges. Then top everything off with a marvelous and refreshing swim in gorgeous crystalline cenote—equipped with a zipline that finishes right in the cenote’s center!

It’s no surprise that Selvatica has consistently ranked as Trip Advisor’s best outdoor adventure park in Cancun.

Beyond the astonishing adrenaline-coursing activities, there is a friendly and welcoming staff that takes care of your every need. Let’s have a look at the brief chat I had with Selvatica’s Director, Fernanda Cardenas:

Some people get excited, but at the same time, nervous about outdoor adventure activities.

What sort of advantage does Selvatica have, by having more experience than any other outdoor adventure park in the Riviera Maya that could put those people’s minds at ease?


We have over two decades of experience in the outdoor adventure industry. We know how to prepare for every situation because we’ve seen it all. Our travelers can be absolutely sure that when they’re in Selvatica, they’re in safe hands. We leave nothing to chance. Our safety record is of paramount importance to us and we spare no expense when it comes to ensuring our traveler’s well-being.

What does a tour company have to do to be associated with the Association for Challenge Course Technology?


They basically check to see all of our equipment is up to par, both in quality and age. It’s important to know what condition all of your equipment is, and then cataloging that information so you can monitor its degradation in order to replace it at the appropriate time.

There are thousands of travelers rating you a perfect 5 stars on Trip Advisor. And in their comments, they always mention that your crew is so welcoming, kind, and entertaining to be around. It appears your customer service is just as exceptional as your outdoor adventures are entertaining.

How do you know if a potential employee is a proper fit for Selvatica before you hire them?


Thank you, we take pride in our staff. We’re a close-knit group. We’re like a big family. We call ourselves a tribe. And that’s the experience we want our travelers to have. We want them to feel like family when they’re at Selvatica. We want them to become part of the tribe.

Our staff is actually our secret weapon. We put more focus on having a sociable and cohesive staff than any other tour company out there…and it shows.

Since we break everyone into groups, our group leaders have the opportunity to get everyone in the right mind frame before their activity. If you’re excited, they pump you up even more. If you’re nervous, they calm you down and get you ready.

That said, we don’t select our employees like regular companies do. We’re not obsessed with CV/resumes. Of course, we’ll review it, but what’s more important to us, is how well you fit in our group. How do you interact with people? We can train you to manage every activity. But we can’t train you to be sociable. Since a warm and friendly experience is crucial to the Selvatica experience, we focus there when hiring.

You have some very interesting social commitment programs at Selvatica. Can you explain them?


Sure, we’re honored to be in such a fortunate position that we are able to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate.

Take for example our “Manos de Apoyo”(Helping Hands) program. We provide former juvenile gang members with a new path in their lives through sports. We donate sporting equipment and provide coaches. These kids simply didn’t have a choice before. They felt like gang-life was the only life they were capable of. Having something else to live for, like sports, can be a huge motivation in their lives. To know that we are changing the lives of hundreds of less fortunate youths is very humbling.

We also have our ‘seed of life’ program. We combat deforestation by planting a tree seed in an old Selvatica helmet. Our ‘seed of life’ program has actually been a tremendous success. We’ve planted over 300,000 trees and reduced our carbon footprint by 7.8 million tons!

The way we look at it, it’s only fair. We’ve come into Mother Nature’s jungle and made our home there. In return, we’ve done everything to honor Mother Nature by replanting as many trees as we can.

We invite anyone out there, to come to Selvatica and join the tribe. Have an unforgettable time with your friends and family, and then give back to the planet that allowed it to happen. We hope to see you soon!










What is a Cenote?

What is a Mayan Cenote?

Selvatica is Latin America’s number one adventure park. This isn’t a marketing slogan. This is reflective of thousands of peer reviews from Trip Advisor. The results are in. Selvatica is Cancun’s number one outdoor activity—for several consecutive years now.

What makes Selvatica so great? Well first off, no one does adventure like we do. Whether it’s our blazing ziplines over the Mayan jungle canopy, or our badass Polaris ATV ripping its way through the muddy terrain, we know what will get your heart pumping. We know adrenaline.

But part of what makes us unique is how we culminate the experience. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish right? We make sure that everyone who takes part in our wide variety of adventures available—don’t forget about our wild bungee swing—leaves feeling refreshed, revitalized, and reborn.

What’s our secret? In a word: Mother-Nature. Think of it like this…we have our own fountain of youth, right here on the property. It’s called, a cenote. Now before you look at a dictionary definition of a cenote (believe me, this will only make things more confusing), allow us to explain what a cenote is, and why it’s the perfect finale to an amazing outdoor adventure in Cancun.

What is a Cenote?

Every year, millions of tourists flock to The Riviera Maya to swim and dive in its hundreds of crystal clear, freshwater swimming areas called cenotes. The word ‘cenote’ originates from the Yucatec Maya, meaning ‘ts’onot’, or ‘any location with accessible groundwater’.

Cenotes are sinkholes that develop over millions of years. In a nutshell, a cenote is the result of acidic water collapsing the limestone bedrock and uniting the top body of water with groundwater. In a sense, all cenotes are fundamentally united.

Mayan History

Centuries earlier, the Mayans reigned supreme in the Yucatan by relying on cenotes as their primary source of water. Unlike other great civilizations that depended on a network of above-ground river systems, the Mayans used a subterranean network of access points connected to groundwater. They also viewed cenotes as a portal to communicate with their gods, Chac, and Xibalba; the god of rain and the Mayan mythical underworld, respectively.

American Misperception

Some American’s may be wondering, as I originally did: why on earth would I want to willingly swim in an acknowledged sinkhole?

Growing up in Florida, I viewed sinkholes as your worst enemy. It has destroyed many homes insidiously, over the course of a decade. Some, overnight. Just a few years ago, a 37-year-old man in Florida was swallowed alive in his sleep by a sinkhole.

However, there remains a BIG fundamental difference between a Florida sinkhole and a Riviera Maya cenote.

The difference is, Florida sinkholes have a top layer of sand and clay. Most of the time, this top layer has held up. Other times, it has crumbled. Those are the times you hear about on the news.

Mayan Reality

In the Riviera Maya however, the collapse has already taken place long ago. There is ZERO inherent risk of collapse like there is with Florida sinkholes. With cenotes, the water gets ultra-filtered through the ground, removing any particle that would leave the water looking murky.

All that remains is a fun and safe freshwater swimming area with shockingly crystal clear clarity and brilliantly beautiful turquoise blue water. Also, due to its lack of salinity, you won’t have to worry about irritated eyes or salinized hair or swimwear.

Selvatica’s Farewell Gift

Now that you have a better understanding of what a cenote is, I want you to picture this. You’ve soared through the air like superman on our ziplines. You’ve boldly jumped on our bungee swing. You’ve tested your agility on our wobbly hanging aerial bridges. And finally, you’ve flung mud in every direction with our fearsome Polaris ATV.

You’re sweaty. You’re muddy. You’re tired. Is this how you want to enter the bus?

Of course not. Allow us to present the perfect solution: Selvatica’s cenote. Jump in our very own fountain of youth, and become reborn. Swim in crystal clear water and connect with a reinvigorating force of nature. Words can’t describe how amazingly refreshed you’ll feel when you come out of the water. There’s no better climax to a wild day of adventure.
Go Wild. Get Dirty. Have Fun…then

Jump in. Get Wet. Be Reborn.

This is the Selvatica Experience.

Join the Tribe Today!

 Book Online and Receive a 10% Discount!

The 6 Best Places in the World to Zipline

The 6 Best Places in the World to Zipline

Who doesn’t get jealous when they look up at the sky and see an eagle flying through the air, relishing its untethered freedom? Heck, we can’t even move that fast on the ground. What I would give, just to have a bird’s eye view, for even a moment! Well, guess what? You don’t have to imagine or fantasize. You just need to zipline somewhere remarkable! Soar through the air at exhilarating speeds, and enjoy the vantage point impossible to most humans. At least, non-ziplining humans.

The question now becomes…where in the world to zipline? The location must present 3 conditions in order to be one of the best places in the world to zipline.

  • A Breathtaking View
  • Face-Jiggling Velocity
  • An Inspiring Safety Record

With that considered, let’s take a look at 6 of the best places in the world to zipline.

  1. Selvatica (Cancun, Mexico)

Selvatica is undeniably not short on accolades. Rated the top outdoor attraction on TripAdvisor for 5 consecutive years. Not to be outdone, it was also listed as Trip Advisor’s “Top Ten World Adventures”. Why are people leaving thousands of positive reviews on Trip Advisor about Selvatica?

Selvatica has an electrifying 14 zipline circuit that spans over 1.5 miles. Fly like an eagle over the Mayan jungles of Cancun at a speed of 25 mph. And in case you were wondering, all of Selvatica’s tours (they also have an ATV tour, bungee jump, and wobbly aerial bridges) are certified by Association for Challenge Course Technology. There’s a reason why people can’t stop buzzing about Selvatica.

  1. Ventura Park (Cancun, Mexico)

Ventura Park is a galaxy of fun. There are many different worlds, each with their own unique set of entertainment options. One of those worlds is called Aaahventura. Aaahventura features many adrenaline-pumping choices like ziplining. Enjoy the view of the sparkling Caribbean Sea while you sail through the air at an altitude of 80 feet.

The great part about Ventura Park is that you have so many different things to do after you zipline. You can go to Wet’n Wild Waterslide Park. You can go to Dolphinaris and swim with a dolphin. You can scratch another item off your bucket list and go bungee jumping. The world is at your fingertips at Ventura Park. And yes, all of their entertainment options are certified by Association for Challenge Course Technology.

  1. Flying Fox (Great Wall of China in Simatai)

How many of the Seven Wonders of the World have you seen? Well if you want to scratch one off your list, come to Simatai, China. Built in the 6th century, led by General Qi Jiguan, the Great Wall of China is a sight to behold. You can hike your way to the top. If you’re feeling lazy, or have a disability, you can take a chairlift. Then, take the zipline called the “Flying Fox” straight to the bottom. The zipline was renovated for maximum safety in 2011.

  1. Flightline (Safari at San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park)

Experience astonishing sights while you glide over the San Diego Zoo on their zipline called Flightline. Get a bird’s eye view of the rhinos, giraffes, and other wildlife at an impressive height of 130 feet. Once you’re done with the 2/3 mile zipline, you finish off at their campground called Kilima Point. Relive the memories for years to come with their helmet-cam.

  1. Zip Rider (Alaska Icy Strait Point)

Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, Alaska features the world’s largest zipline ride. Six people, start off, side by side, each in their own lane, and zip to the bottom as a race. This zipline features a spine-tingling 1,300-foot drop! The whole zipline takes over 90 seconds to complete. Take in the beautiful tree covered mountains while traveling over 60 mph!

  1. Labadee, Haiti

If you take a Royal Caribbean Cruise through Haiti, you’re in luck! Catering particularly to Royal Caribbean passengers, Labadee, Haiti offers a spectacular zipline over the dazzling Caribbean Sea. The whole zipline spans over 2,600 feet while traveling at 40 mph. You start at the mountain and finish in the sea. Doesn’t get much better than that huh?

If you want 6 of the best places in the world to zipline, try the above-mentioned sites, and you’re sure to take the experience with you forever. With these 6 stunning ziplines, you can at last fly like an eagle. Really.