Have a Life Changing Experience with Dolphins in Cozumel

The year is almost over. 2018 has been very eye-opening for some, for others it might have been just another year. Regardless of which is your case, you probably still want to do something extraordinary before it is over. If you want to end the year on a high note, visit the Caribbean and swim with Dolphins in Cozumel, you won’t regret it.

Why Swim with Dolphins in Cozumel?


There are many reasons to visit Dolphinaris, but you may be wondering “why should you pick Cozumel to swim with dolphins?”… Here are some of the best reasons why Cozumel is the ideal place for you!

Cozumel is Safe:

Unlike all the headlines saying that Mexico is extremely unsafe, and you’re probably gonna get robbed or stabbed or something along the lines, Cozumel is safe! Cozumel is secluded from the nightlife that engulfs the caribbean at times, and it has a pretty laid-back vibe and is sure to be a great experience for you!


Cozumel is a very special place where you’ll have a blast while swimming with Dolphins.

We LOVE Animals:


We aren’t joking saying we are absolutely obsessed with granting you the best memories and experiences that you could imagine… With that same passion we have for making people happy, we are constantly making sure that our dolphins are leading a healthy, happy and fun life!

Dolphinaris thrives for excellence and is aware of the animal’s wellbeing, so we hope that in your visit we can teach you something about animal care! Our programs are crafted for you to learn while having fun and experiencing life-changing moments, in hopes that you’ll keep on spreading awareness when you go back home.

Everyone can Enjoy:


Whether you’re 5 or 70 years old, Dolphinaris makes sure that you’ll be able to enjoy our activities. We think that there is no age to have fun, however there are certain features that aren’t suitable for some people. No hard feelings though, we do this for your own safety.

If you’re bringing your family with you this vacation to swim with dolphins in Cozumel, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check our programs and different features so that you’re aware of the available activities and amazing promotions! Our Website.

Passionate for what We Do:


Here at Dolphinaris we are very passionate about what we do. We make sure that every little detail is perfect and that our customers are happy and satisfied with their stay here.

We are mainly concerned about 2 major factors: safety and fun! To ensure your experience is the best possible, we are constantly improving our facilities and making sure we follow the health and safety protocols required by animal welfare organizations.

Our staff is always friendly and our installations are always clean for you to feel comfortable at all times! So why don’t you take the opportunity to visit Cozumel and its amazing features with Dolphinaris? Make unforgettable memories and have a blast with your family!

What are you waiting for to swim your way into 2019 with Dolphinaris?!

Family Oriented Activities in the Riviera Maya Fall 2018

Autumn is Here!

Summer is over.                                                                                                            Autumn is here! Dive into the endless possibilities this season brings…        The Riviera Maya is packed with Family oriented activities for you to enjoy!


 Family Oriented Activities : FALL 2018

First things first. Now that Fall season has started, the hot temperatures are slowly decreasing and the days are getting shorter… You must be thinking “Oh no! So I can’t go to the beach anymore?” Stop worrying! Luckily Cancun has an optimal weather for visiting the beach all-year-round. 

Whether you’re chasing the sun or escaping the cold, the Riviera Maya is waiting for you and your family with tons of fun things to do!

Nature at it’s best

Without a doubt, Mexico’s landscapes are amazing. Especially in the Caribbean… Give your kids moments they will keep forever. Go together to the beach or to a lagoon and enjoy an amazing sunset…


If you still have some energy left, you can’t miss the night skies. For this one you’ll have to go a bit inland because of the light pollution.



The U.S is known for its big Halloween parties, whereas Mexico is famous for an incredibly unique festivity/celebration. Don’t be fooled! Día de Muertos is NOT Mexico’s Halloween.

If you get a bit homesick, and think your kids are brave enough, visit Ventura Park! They’re hosting the annual HALLOWEEN PARTY: a night full of scary good fun! There’s gonna be a foam party, a DJ and much more… Don’t miss out on Ventura Park’s spooky nights!


Ventura Park is a family oriented amusement park located in Cancun, where you must go and spend a scarily fun day with your loved ones!

Or maybe visit the Festival del Día de los Muertos. This is spread out in spots like Parque Las Palapas, Plaza de la Reforma del Palacio Municipal, Teatro 8 de octubre, etc. Where more than 450 artists are involved in 16 different interactive activities to celebrate this festivity.


Family fun

If you and your family love dolphins and special experiences, Dolphinaris will be a MUST this Fall Season.


Spooky discounts this Autumn at Dolphinaris

Don’t miss out on the Fall Pre-Sale, get 50% on your dolphin swim on the Dolphinaris website… Click on the highlighted word above!

  • Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is not as common in México as it is in the U.S, there are some delicious restaurants where you can enjoy a nice family meal!

 thanksgiving Family oriented activities

Bovino’s Churrascaria:

Indulge in delicious brazilian/ international meals at an accessible price. This awesome place is located in Cancun’s Downtown. The menu consists mostly of meat but this restaurant is vegetarian and gluten free friendly.


Puerto Madero:

Dine by the lagoon and experience Cancun’s hotel zone at Puerto Madero. An argentinian steakhouse, and seafood restaurant where you can have a blast with your family!


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse:

An american style steakhouse, with a vegetarian friendly menu. Located in Plaza Kukulcan, visit an all-time favorite and have a wonderful dinner.


What are you waiting for? Come

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