Dolphinaris Blu Cozumel: The Ideal Dolphinarium

Get to know Dolphins like never before! Blu Cozumel by Dolphinaris has handcrafted unreal experiences that will become memories for you to treasure forever.

Ocean conservation, and animal welfare are focal points here at Dolphinaris. We hope to inspire people to learn about the importance of caring for our dolphin friends, and reveals how intelligent these beings are.

Let’s dive in and uncover the magic of Dolphins!


Blu Cozumel: Ocean Care Center

One of the most amazing things in life is the opportunity to connect with the other species that live on planet Earth. In this case, Dolphinaris gives you the opportunity to connect with these creative and playful animals!

But what truly makes Blu Cozumel the IDEAL dolphinarium?

  • Blu Cozumel includes an interactive museum, to make spreading awareness and learning about ocean conservation more appealing.
  • All of the Ocean Care Experiences are different from one another, and in each of them is a unique memory for you to take home.
  • Blu also offers educational programs for schools, because we know that the future is in the next generation’s hands.
  • As if all of this weren’t already amazing, Blu is also dedicated to funding research, from veterinary training to wildlife research!

Ocean Care Experiences

Interacting with dolphins has never felt this good! As mentioned above, your activities at Blu are divided into Ocean Care Experiences. Each of these experiences cater for the different needs/interests that you might have while you’re at Blu.

Let’s get into detail about these extraordinary activities:

VR Expedition

Something very special about Blu Cozumel is the unique VR film! This Virtual Reality experience is guided by our Seaguards, and it takes you in a voyage along a dolphin friend. You can delve into the ocean and get to know the habitat where dolphins live, while you learn how to care for the ocean!


Trainer For a Day

Make your dreams come true, become a trainer for the day and interact with dolphins from up close! Not only will you deepen your bond with these incredible mammals, but you’ll have a better understanding of their way of interacting with each other.


ALSO if you’re 12 and up, you get to dive for 20 minutes! In case you aren’t though, don’t worry, you’ll still get a personalized t-shirt painted by a dolphin!

True Connection

This experience places you in direct contact with our awesome friends, and you get to feel a genuine connection that will last forever.


Meanwhile your Seaguard teaches you about the way dolphins communicate, you get to watch them swim around freely along you. Communicating with dolphins has never been this heartwarming!

Submerge your head underwater, and you’ll hear the way these majestic beings communicate via sonar! Plus, feel their heartbeat for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to complete your bonding, get a face-to-face kiss from one of the dolphins!

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Now you know why Blu is the IDEAL place to go when you’re looking forward to having a blast. All of these activities and amenities are made with love and respect towards our fellow animal friends, the dolphins.