Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun

Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun.

If you’re one of the BOLD, the BRAVE or the ADVENTUROUS, keep reading. Whether you’re testing your boldness for the first time, or you’re a thrill-seeker at heart, you must visit Selvatica for the best Ziplining in Cancun.

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Ziplining in Cancun: Happy New Year!

If you did your research on Cancun’s ziplining options, you must have noticed that there are many places to go. However, there are certain pros and cons that you definitely should be aware of. That’s why we have listed the top reasons why Selvatica could be your best option, and why you’ll probably want to visit us to start this upcoming year!


Ziplining in Cancun has never felt so good! With so many options available it can be quite tiring to evaluate which is the best for you, let us help you see Selvatica with fresh eyes… So that you can choose wisely, and have a blast!

  1. Green as Can Be:

We’re not only talking about our location (which is also pretty amazing as it is centered in the Cancun Jungle) but about how Selvatica cares for the environment! So let’s get this very clear: Selvatica was built in a way that as little as possible trees were chopped off.

From the moment you arrive it’s very clear to see that the jungle it is situated in is pretty untouched. If you care for the planet and want to have fun, Selvatica helps you accomplish that! On the other hand, our biggest competitor has a mix of man-made environment and underground caves.


Selvatica also invites you to contribute to the program Seed of Life, which is based on diminishing carbon-based pollution. This is done by trying to balance out the tree to carbon emitters ratio. Selvatica’s Seed of Life program has helped to plant over 300,000 trees in the area!

2. A Genuine & Grounding Experience

First of all, one of the big advantages Selvatica has is that you won’t be waiting in Disney style lines for anything. Our programs and experiences are organized in a way that there is minimum waiting involved. Although you won’t be roaming around by yourself, and choosing what activity to do first, our guides DEFINITELY make up for it.

If there is something people are always satisfied with at Selvatica, it is the special atmosphere and customer service. We want you to treasure each moment spent here, therefore our staff is full of loving, fun people that are passionate about their jobs.


Something that we are proud to call ourselves is WILD. Why you must be wondering? Our tours and activities are sure to make you feel like one of those adventure movie characters, exploring the jungle! We hope that you feel connected to the Earth each step of the way…


These are only 2 reasons or benefits, but sometimes less is more! If you want to know more about Selvatica’s awesome advantages and features visit our website and our social media!





A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

A Unique Christmas in the Best Adventure Park in Cancun

Christmas is about creating wonderful memories and celebrating with our loved ones. Why not make it even better and create a new family tradition?! If you’re looking for a unique way to experience this Christmas then visit Selvatica, the BEST adventure park in Cancun…

But what makes Selvatica so unique? Why spend Christmas in Selvatica?      Here’s why:

  1. Ditch the Cold Weather:

If you’re sick of having to stay at home in winter because it’s too cold outside, you MUST come to Cancun. Skip the slopes, and bury your feet in the silky, smooth Caribbean sand! Although Selvatica is located in the jungle, the beaches aren’t far away, and transportation rates are very accessible.  christmas-snowman-summer-selvatica

2. Relieve Stress!

It’s vacation time… We often get so carried away with our day to day stress, that even when we are on vacation that stress follows us everywhere we go! Now is your chance to unwind and let go of that stress… With Selvatica’s green and eco-friendly atmosphere you’ll definitely release your worries and finally take a deep breath!

It is proven that green is a color that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. Therefore, being in the middle of the jungle is surely going to bring you peace of mind.


 3. Fun, Fun and more FUN!

Did we mention that you’ll have fun?! Something your vacation needs is lots and lots of fun. Why have a boring, plain family vacation, when you can have a fun-packed adventure in Selvatica? Each activity and package includes different kinds of entertainment for each family member.

Ever dreamt of walking those wobbly bridges in adventure movies like Indiana Jones? Done. Have you wondered what flying feels like? Done.

There is never a dull moment in Selvatica, which is one of the reasons why it is the best adventure park in Cancun… come see for yourself!


4. More than Just an Adventure Park

Selvatica is not your typical adventure park. Selvatica is a whole experience, full of thrilling moments, and never ending fun! From the moment you set foot in the jungle to the moment you hop on your car to leave, Selvatica has you on your toes.

Not only is the atmosphere 100% natural, and the park is commited to saving the planet (big bonus points!), but the service is extraordinary. Each and every one of the employees is passionate about giving you the experience of a lifetime. You’ll leave satisfied and with a smile on your face.


5. Pay little, get a LOT

You’ll never have to worry about getting less than what you’re paying for at Selvatica. Enjoy a day full of exciting activities with your family this Christmas for great, accessible prices! Your visit to Selvatica is definitely worth every last penny, as we are proud to be called the #1 Adventure park of Cancun by TripAdvisor!

We assure you that you will have an amazing time with us. Don’t forget to check out our promotions each month, to get unbelievable discounts!

We hope to see you soon, happy holidays!


Feeling Homesick? 10 things to do this Thanksgiving in Mexico

Feeling Homesick? 10 things to do this Thanksgiving in Mexico

You might be far from home, but that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving has to feel weird… Although going to a pumpkin patch, or stuffing a turkey might not happen in your visit to the Riviera Maya, there’s a bunch of alternatives!

Here is a list of 10 activities you can do and places you can visit to make your vacation worthwhile:

  1.  Experience Indigenous Cultures:

    Live a unique experience in the Caribbean amongst the many historical landmarks, and learn about the culture in the area. As you may know, Mexico is very diverse in the cultural standpoint, don’t miss out on it! Visit some of the great ruins like Tulum, on the coast; or Coba in the jungle.Cobá-thanksgiving

  2. Dining in Cozumel:

    Some restaurants will serve the traditional meal including turkey, while others prepare their own special traditional Thanksgiving meal with a Mexican flair, which will be worth trying out. The majority of these restaurants are beautifully designed and equipped with big screen televisions. Visitors have the chance to watch several festivities, parades and football games going on in the United States.cozumel-thanksgiving

  3. La Casa del Agua

    One more year, La Casa del Agua, famous for its “casual fine dining”, prepares a special Thanksgiving menu. Their turkey comes with specialties such as pumpkin risotto and mashed sweet potatoes.

  4. Temperature Begins To Cool

    Cooler weather starts to make its way to the Mexican Caribbean around October. While the days remain sunny and warm, the night’s temperatures fall. You have a perfect balance of sunshine by day and a fresh, comfortable climate at night. As the heat disappears while the sun sets, activities like cocktails on one of the city’s famous rooftop lounges, or dancing the night away become much more appealing.

  5. Riviera Maya Jazz Fest

    The end of November and beginning of December is a great time to check out some of the country’s best jazz musicians and singers in one of its top vacation destinations – Playa del Carmen. This year’s edition includes a homage to Toussiant, Steffie Belt, and the Memo Ruiz Bolero Jazz Big Band on the roster.

  6. Venture into the Jungle.

    Don’t miss out on the amazing deals you can get by booking in advance, with Selvatica! Discover the many tours and experiences that Selvatica offers this Thanksgiving. These activities include the Gimme AllOffroad Polaris and Extreme Canopy!                       selvatica-thanksgiving

  7. Take Advantage of Combo’s!

    Live an amazing day with the Dolphin Pass, an incredible combo that includes the excitement of Ventura Park and a magical swim with dolphins! Book online and get an amazing discount of up to 50% on your pass. The Dolphin Pass includes Fun World, Wet n ‘Wild, AaahVentura, a Swim with Dolphins and unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages.

  8. Swim with Dolphins.

    Immerse yourself underwater in Dolphinaris’ All Inclusive Cozumel, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world; meet dolphins and enjoy the magic of these mysterious creatures in an all-inclusive experience for the whole family.

    9. Visit Cancun’s Underwater Museum!

    For an incredible experience, go to the ocean’s depths… Amaze yourself with the unique Underwater Museum. This awesome place has more than 500 life-sized sculptures, which you see by snorkeling in the turquoise water!                                                                      Diving-in-MUSA-thanksgiving

    10. Experience the Magic of JOYÀ

    For a more pricey, but unforgettable dinner, witness Cirque Du Soleil’s JOYÀ. You’ll never experience a dinner as unique as JOYÀ’s, with delicious and jaw-dropping meals, while watching an extraordinary show.

Make of this Thanksgiving an unforgettable memory, with Selvatica.


The Ultimate Amusement Park in Cancun

If visiting Cancun is in your future plans, Ventura Park is a must.
Whether you’re with your family, your significant other, or with your friends, Ventura Park has got you covered.

Not only is it located near some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, but it also is the only park that caters for 5 different types of attractions!

So what makes it such a special and diverse place?

Ventura is the only Amusement park in Cancun that combines water features, swimming with dolphins,  zip lines, virtual reality, go karts and rollercoasters, all in one place!

Check out more about each of these unique experiences. 

  1. Wet n’ Wild


Are you brave enough to plunge down the Kamikaze? (the highest and fastest waterslide in the park).

Or maybe you want to enjoy a fun ride, with twists and turns on a two-person inflatable, such as the Twister. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to slide down a dark  waterslide and land in an almost 10 ft deep pool? Then the double Space Bowl is for you!

If you’re more on the laid back side and feel like chilling with a refreshing drink, you’ll definitely enjoy the Lazy River and artificial wave pool. Your little ones, will have a blast at the water kids park and Wet Bubble!  And last but not least you can’t miss the Bubba Tub with your loved ones!

2. Aaah!Ventura:

Test your boldness in a wild ride on the rollercoaster-zip line hybrid, Tarzania, at 787 ft tall! Or enjoy the amazing views on the Caribbean and River Ziplines that run across the whole park… Bungee Swing is for the thrill seekers, as it is a half free fall-half pendulum at 46 ft tall! Dare to walk across 6  adrenaline filled hanging bridges in SkyWalk, and the other 9 surrounded by nets in Netland? Or for the more skilled ones, climb your way to the top in Step Up!

venturapark-aaahventura-world- ventura park just lowered its prices for mexicans

3. FunWorld:

Get ready for some old school fun…                                                                                    Hop on the Hurricane roller coaster, the only of its kind in Cancun! Give your kids a classic experience as they ride a Carousel;  or experience a magical moment as you soar  with the Crazy Chairs overlooking the ocean!

Fun world- roller coaster -Ventura-Park-Differences Between the 8 Worlds at Ventura Park

4. Grand Prix:

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of driving Formula 1 vehicles, this is the spot! Race your friends in a fun and safe 820 ft long path, in single and double vehicles that go up to 25 miles per hour!

child-friendly go-karts in cancun - ventura park

5. Underworld:

Explore this futuristic, tech-filled, fun-packed  attraction!

Start off by sneaking through a puzzling laser maze… prove you have what it takes to be the best spy in town! Don’t forget to challenge yourself in an adventure or horror game at VR Evolution, or stop by a Star Wars pod in the immersive arcade game! And lastly, although bumper cars are fun, combining them with Laser Tag makes it an unforgettable experience at the Laser Tanks.


So… No matter what age you are, the amusement park in Cancun, Ventura Park, has something fun waiting for you.


Have a Great Family Vacation at Dolphinaris and Ventura Park

Have a Great Family Vacation at Dolphinaris and Ventura Park

Family. It’s the most important thing there is. Great family memories are retold at every family event. The laughs, thrills, and yes even when things went awry—like when we got lost because dad trusted his ‘gut’ over the GPS, or his ‘mental compass’ as he calls it—are all remembered fondly, time and time again.

Creating Family Memories

There’s nothing like bonding with the family in a beautiful and exotic foreign country like Cancun, Mexico. Right from the get-go, there’s an excitement you can’t recreate in your homeland. You know there’s a possibility of everything being new; exquisite cuisine, original beverages, lively music, favorable weather, rich cultural history and a bevy of unique entertainment options.  How you and your family react to each one of these changes is what great family vacations are all about; creating family memories.

The Perfect Family Vacation Destination: Cancun, Mexico

Every great family vacation destination has at least one high mark in the above categories. Few have high marks in more than one. And yet the true rarity is even scarcer than that—perfect marks in every category. Straight A’s, if you will. That is no truer than in Cancun, Mexico.

Avoiding Disaster: The Dreaded Family Fight

Getting vacation time isn’t easy. That means every moment of your vacation is precious. The last thing you want to do on a family vacation is bicker over what to do next. You lose time you’ll never get back, and you’ll end up financing a family argument that could have happened at home for free.

Obviously, no one wants that. So how do you prevent the above disaster from taking place?

Book Online at Cancun’s Perfect Family Destination

Very simple. Pick the perfect family destination, and book ahead. Save money by receiving an online discount. But more importantly, save money by not bickering and postponing. At the end of the day, your kids will praise you, and your spouse will confess, you were right; this was the perfect place for a great family vacation.

The Perfect Family Destination

If you’ve come to Cancun with your family, you can’t leave without going to Ventura Park and Dolphinaris. Ventura Park is Cancun’s new oceanfront theme park. Dolphinaris is the world’s best dolphinarium. Together, Ventura Park and Dolphinaris are what you and your family will be talking about for years to come: great family memories.

A Galaxy of Thrills: Ventura Park

Ventura Park is an oceanfront theme park with many different worlds of entertainment. Each world is unique and offers something new. Some will love them all equally. Some will prefer some worlds over others. That’s why Ventura Park is perfect for great family vacations; there’s something for everyone.


Arcade fanatics, you’re welcome. Underworld—Ventura Park’s futuristic arcade—has many different original ways to entertain yourself. Take for example, The Mission. Think you’re limber and agile enough to steal the Mona Lisa protected by a series of lasers? You better be good at the limbo.

Or the Laser Tanks. Think bumper cars meets laser tag. Just don’t get laser-shot, or you’ll be going for a flip. Star Wars Battle Pod—you have to step inside, and close the door after you get in—is so immersive and intimate, you’ll feel like you’ve become part of one of history’s greatest sagas: Star Wars.

Wet’n Wild

If there’s one thing Cancun always is, is sunny. That’s one of Cancun’s greatest aspects. But sometimes, you need a special way to enjoy that sun. Enter: Wet’n Wild, Cancun’s best waterpark.

Have a necessity for velocity? Try the Kamikaze. Are you more of the take-it-easy and chill dude? How about the Lazy River? Sit back in an inner-tube and let the current do the rest.

Grand Prix Go-Karts

Who’s the next Dale Earnhardt? You can’t just say it; you have to prove it. Find out who reigns supreme when the rubber meets the road at Ventura Park’s 275-yard oceanfront go-kart circuit, Grand Prix.

Fun World

Relive childhood memories by taking your kids to the same rides you went to as a child. Hop on the merry-go-round. Or spin in the crazy chairs, or revolving seat swings.


Aaahventura; adrenaline junkie heaven. Jump off an 800-foot zipline, that later turns into a roller coaster! Test your nimbleness on the hanging aerial bridges. Close your eyes and jump off our insane 60-foot bungee swing.

Shrink your Bucket List, You’re Going to Dolphinaris

Inside Ventura Park, is the world’s best dolphinarium, Dolphinaris. It is the best dolphinarium in Cancun because it is Mexico’s only dolphinarium certified by European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) for its ethical standards. It is the best dolphinarium in Cancun because you choose how to interact with these majestic sea mammals, the dolphins.

Dolphin Decisions

Want to stay dry and pet them from the dock? You can do that. Want to hop in the water and have two dolphins push you up and out of the water as you sail through the air? You can do that at Dolphinaris in Cancun. How about a professional photograph of you officially sealing a business agreement with a fin-shake with your client, Mr. Dolphin? Imagine how many Facebook Likes that will get!

Be a Hero and Do the Right Thing

Follow this formula, and avoid any disasters during your family vacation to Cancun. Book Ahead. Book online. And Book at Ventura Park and Dolphinaris in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Kilometer Marker 25. If you’ve come for memories of a great family vacation, you’ve come to the right place.


All You Can Eat And Drink, No Diet Day!

All You Can Eat And Drink, No Diet Day!

Everyone is eating healthy these days. How long can you go without hearing someone talking about a kale shake or a shot of wheat grass? Eating healthy is great for your body. But let’s be honest…your appetite craves something more hedonistic. Something tastier and less healthy. What you need is a CHEAT DAY from your everyday diet.

Well, there’s no better place to let loose and follow your stomach’s desires, than Cancun, Mexico’s Ventura Park. Does the phrase “All You Can Eat and Drink” capture your full attention? Good. It’s No Diet Day in Ventura Park. Let’s find out what they have to offer you.

Ventura Park Food Court Lineup

Italian Food at Buon Appetito:

There’s nothing better than pizza, right? Wrong. There’s nothing better than wood-fired pizza. Enjoy a variety of Italian food including Buon Appetito’s signature wood-fired pizza. Best part? Service is included in the admission. And yes, even the beers.

Sunrise Food Court (Buffet):

The appetite can be a fickle thing. One moment, you’re absolutely sure you want a burger…but then all of a sudden you’re thinking pasta would be better. Forget all of that. At Sunrise Food Court, you get a bit of everything from an absolutely delicious buffet that serves international cuisine from all over the world.  Don’t forget…service is included in admission!

The Bunker (Sports Bar):

Men love their sports. Alright, correction, some women love their sports too. Why choose between watching the big game or going to a restaurant? Get the best of both worlds at Ventura Park’s Sports Bar: The Bunker. Enjoy all sorts of tasty finger foods while sipping down your favorite beer and watching your team stick it to its biggest rival. And lucky for you, service is included with admission.

La Cevicheria:

You can’t come to Mexico without trying the ceviche. If you like seafood, you’re going to love ceviche. Eat a trio of squid, fish, and shrimp, covered in chilled and marinated in lime juice, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and other spices. It’s the perfect dish to eat on a hot day. Best part is, it pairs PERFECTLY with an ice cold Corona!

The Wreck:

Who likes taking long, excessive, and redundant walks? No one right? Well, that’s why we have bars located strategically throughout the park. Situated alongside the wave generating pool, The Wreck serves all sorts of cocktails and beers, WITH service included in admission.

El Ice Cream Bar:

Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t love cold ice cream on a hot day? Enjoy a wide array of flavors from our gourmet ice cream bar. If you’re in the mood for it, they also serve iced coffee from their café. NOT included.

Funny Bar:

Another one of our strategically situated bars serving all sorts of cocktails and beers. This one resides by the pool. And don’t fret. Service is included with admission.

River Bar:

Why waste all that time walking to the Funny Bar or The Wreck? If you’re on Lazy River Island, go straight to the River Bar. Your favorite beers and cocktails await you. And of course, service is included with admission.




May the Fourth be with you

May the Fourth be with you!

3 Sources that Inspired Lucas to make Star Wars

Welcome, Star Wars fans traveling to Cancun! May the Fourth be with you! As you all know, in 1997 George Lucas released the first movie edition of Star Wars. In doing so, he created a fictional universe, ‘in a galaxy, far far away’ that has captured the minds of fans all over the world for decades. This space opera has become one of the most profitable film franchise of all time. It has broken box office records across multiple decades, including the current one we’re in now.

If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you’ll love Ventura Park’s Underworld that features Star Wars Battle Pod. This isn’t some ordinary arcade game. This is a truly immersive arcade experience that puts you front and center of all the action. Step INSIDE the pod, close the door, and behold 180 degree viewing angle afforded to you. You’ll need all the help you can get as you race and battle other pods for dominion over ‘the galaxy, far far away’.

Btw, where did Lucas find the inspiration for this elaborate fictional universe? Let’s take a look at 3 sources that motivated Lucas to begin one of the most celebrated film franchises ever.

From Flash Gordon to Luke Skywalker

Even the most creative minds receive inspiration elsewhere. Lucas is no different. Lucas was a fan of Flash Gordon movies. You can see how Flash Gordon inspired Star Wars, right from the beginning of the movie. Remember the yellow text in the opening crawl of Star Wars, starting off with “In a galaxy, far far away”? That style of introduction was borrowed directly from Flash Gordon. The main way in which Flash Gordon influenced Star Wars however, is the idea that technology is the new magic. To quote sci-fi writer, Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

At the time, many authors feared technology had killed magic, and as a consequence powerful storytelling. However, other authors, like Arthur C. Clarke, flipped the script and used technology to create a new magic. Since Flash Gordon was influenced by sci-fi books, so too was Star Wars.

Japan and USA Trade Storytelling Ideas

In an island, far far away, Japanese Filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa began looking at American culture for cinematic inspiration. What Akira eventually ended up doing was, creating Samurai movies that had storylines like American Westerns and American detective stories. These movies fascinated George Lucas. So, as Akira looked to American Cinema to inspire his Japanese films, so too did Lucas look to Japanese Cinema to inspire his American films.

It was one movie, in particular, The Hidden Fortress that most inspired Star Wars. The Hidden Fortress is told from the perspective of “two lowest characters” as Lucas puts it. That inspired Lucas to do the same with Star Wars, with R2D2 and C-3PO. Even Darth Vader’s helmet came from a Samurai in The Hidden Fortress. The word Jedi actually comes from “jidaigeki”, which is a genre of historical dramas, of which Hidden Fortress belongs to.

Joseph Campbell and The Heroes Journey

While Lucas drew cinematic cues from Flash Gordon and The Hidden Fortress, he collected his narrative format from another source. Joseph Campbell, mythologist, released a book titled The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In the book, he dissects practically every major religion and myth available to him and discerns the narrative common denominator present in every story. He then assembles this narrative common denominator as a simple procedure called “The Heroes Journey”.

It is not an exaggeration to say, the “The Heroes Journey” has transformed storytelling forever. To this day, over 60 years later, many if not all, major storytellers have looked to Campbell for inspiration. Lucas called him “my Yoda”. Lucas read a passage written by Campbell that said:

“To contemplate a starry sky itself is to contemplate on a mythical level. And as scientific discovery continuously redefines our understanding of the cosmos, certainly our mythical perspective must change as well…What does all this do to mythology?”

We have to remember, in just 61 years, we went from Henry Ford’s Model T, to landing on the Moon in 1969. These were tumultuous technological times. It was a lot to process for anyone of that time. Equipped with Campbell’s step by step guide, Lucas looked to story to make sense of it all. Campbell asked “What does this do to mythology?”, and Lucas answered with Star Wars. When Campbell finally saw Lucas’ first three Star Wars movies, back to back to back, he paid Lucas the ultimate compliment saying ‘You know, I thought real art had stopped with Picasso, Joyce, and Mann. Now I know it hasn’t.’

So this May Fourth pay homage to Lucas’ sources of inspiration. Try to find a copy of The Hidden Fortress or Flash Gordon. If not, go to the library or Amazon (let’s be real right?) and borrow/buy a copy of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Who knows? You may end up becoming the next George Lucas!

Did all this Star Wars talk get you antsy and itching to jump into a fictional universe where anything is possible? Take a break from Cancun’s beaches, and head over to the galaxy of fun that is Ventura Park’s Underworld. Underworld is a futuristic arcade that features a Star Wars Battle Pod. Sit in the driver’s seat and relive the most iconic battles from the original trilogy. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Underworld also has Laser Tanks. Think laser tag meets bumper cars! Remember, this isn’t just any arcade. This is Ventura Park’s Underworld. May the Fourth be with you!