Happy Holidays at Dolphinaris Arizona!

The best time of the year is here… Have a jolly time and some very happy Holidays here at Dolphinaris Arizona!

Christmas is right around the corner, and the year is almost over.                         Although we’re all for the traditional Christmas celebrations, we’d like to invite you to celebrate in a unique way!

Whether it is your first time meeting dolphins or the hundredth time, Dolphinaris is the place to go! Everybody can have a blast at Dolphinaris, you’ll never get bored with our broad variety of programs and experiences!

holiday card discount at dolphinaris arizona

Read more about our exciting activities, where your kids and you will learn a lot about ocean conservation while having the time of your lives. Also, don’t miss out on this season’s discounts…

Learning is Fun!

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to ocean conservation, and to care for the species that share planet Earth with us… We know sometimes the young ones are not so interested in educational activities, that’s why we’ve created interactive and interesting ways of learning!

Sometimes we don’t put much thought into what our kids are exposed to, and we forget that the future is in their hands! Why not guide them to be better people, and show them the importance of their actions?

A Genuine Connection

Bonding with your loved ones is important in order to live a healthy life! Since we are little kids, we all need a friend or someone to count on, now you have the chance to feel a connection with amazing animals… Dolphins!

Dolphin encounters like never before… You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced one of our heartwarming interactions!

Some of our thrilling activities are:

Fin-tastic Experiences!

So you can start getting excited, here is a short description of the 3 experiences we mentioned above… We hope you have some very happy holidays during your visit with us!

The Dolphin Water Experience: Get ready for an adventure! This experience features many different things like touching a dolphin’s silky skin, discovering the spots that tickle them and much more…

Experience a fin to handshake and a dolphin kiss! Last but not least, to make all of this count you’ll also learn about the dolphin’s anatomy and about how to protect their habitats…


Our Dolphin Trainer Experience: Spend a day in Scottsdale with our trainers, and make your dream of working with animals come true… Take the lead as you learn more about the dolphin’s care and anatomy.

This experience also includes a virtual reality experience that starts off by setting sail in the turquoise waters of Cancun, then you’ll dive underwater and uncover the secrets of ocean conservation.

Access to the beach club is also complimentary, there you can spend the day lounging by the pool or ordering food from our  Docktails Patio & Grill! What a great way to spend your happy holidays, right?!


Dolphin Land Experience: The best of both worlds! Interact with our loving bottlenose dolphins without getting wet… Simply step up to their habitat and watch them while you learn more about these amazing creatures! This is a great program for children and/or people who would rather keep their distance but crave an interaction…


The holidays are here and they bring great deals with them! Discover what Dolphinaris Arizona has to offer on the website. We wish you very happy holidays and a happy new year!


Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun

Selvatica: The Wildest Place for Ziplining in Cancun.

If you’re one of the BOLD, the BRAVE or the ADVENTUROUS, keep reading. Whether you’re testing your boldness for the first time, or you’re a thrill-seeker at heart, you must visit Selvatica for the best Ziplining in Cancun.

2019 is around the corner, and we are as ready as ever! In order to kiss this year goodbye we’ve gathered some crazy discounts and promotions… Don’t wait any longer and check them out on our website!

Ziplining in Cancun: Happy New Year!

If you did your research on Cancun’s ziplining options, you must have noticed that there are many places to go. However, there are certain pros and cons that you definitely should be aware of. That’s why we have listed the top reasons why Selvatica could be your best option, and why you’ll probably want to visit us to start this upcoming year!


Ziplining in Cancun has never felt so good! With so many options available it can be quite tiring to evaluate which is the best for you, let us help you see Selvatica with fresh eyes… So that you can choose wisely, and have a blast!

  1. Green as Can Be:

We’re not only talking about our location (which is also pretty amazing as it is centered in the Cancun Jungle) but about how Selvatica cares for the environment! So let’s get this very clear: Selvatica was built in a way that as little as possible trees were chopped off.

From the moment you arrive it’s very clear to see that the jungle it is situated in is pretty untouched. If you care for the planet and want to have fun, Selvatica helps you accomplish that! On the other hand, our biggest competitor has a mix of man-made environment and underground caves.


Selvatica also invites you to contribute to the program Seed of Life, which is based on diminishing carbon-based pollution. This is done by trying to balance out the tree to carbon emitters ratio. Selvatica’s Seed of Life program has helped to plant over 300,000 trees in the area!

2. A Genuine & Grounding Experience

First of all, one of the big advantages Selvatica has is that you won’t be waiting in Disney style lines for anything. Our programs and experiences are organized in a way that there is minimum waiting involved. Although you won’t be roaming around by yourself, and choosing what activity to do first, our guides DEFINITELY make up for it.

If there is something people are always satisfied with at Selvatica, it is the special atmosphere and customer service. We want you to treasure each moment spent here, therefore our staff is full of loving, fun people that are passionate about their jobs.


Something that we are proud to call ourselves is WILD. Why you must be wondering? Our tours and activities are sure to make you feel like one of those adventure movie characters, exploring the jungle! We hope that you feel connected to the Earth each step of the way…


These are only 2 reasons or benefits, but sometimes less is more! If you want to know more about Selvatica’s awesome advantages and features visit our website and our social media!





La Mejor Navidad en Familia – La Feria de Chapultepec

No hay nada mejor que pasar tiempo con tus seres queridos…            ¡Aprovecha estas vacaciones y vive la Navidad en familia con La Feria!

¡Hola Papás!

¿Los niños ya salieron de clases pero no están muy seguros de que hacer? ¡No lo piensen más y vengan a visitar La Feria de Chapultepec, donde hay una gran variedad de actividades para toda la familia!


Ubicada en el corazón del bosque de Chapultepec, es ideal para pasar todo el día con la familia. Tiene atracciones para todas las edades a un precio incomparable.                                                                                                                            La Feria de Chapultepec es un clásico que no se pueden perder!



El histórico bosque de Chapultepec es la casa de nuestra querida Feria, si vives en México tienes que conocerlo o al menos haber oído acerca de él.      El Bosque de Chapultepec ha visto crecer a generación tras generación, y ha brindado un lugar seguro y divertido para todas las edades durante 111 años.

Descubre este fantástico parque urbano, que al igual es la casa de 7 museos y del famoso Castillo de Chapultepec. Está ubicado en la Ciudad de México,con 678 hectáreas de terreno llenas de cultura y de Historia.

¡La ubicación perfecta para la Feria, y para que pases un gran día con tu familia, con tu pareja, o con amigos!

Actividades para Todos

No vuelvas a preocuparte sobre hacer algo que le guste a toda la familia! Llegaron las vacaciones y La Feria te está esperando: no importa si tienes 5, 16 o 30 años… siempre habrá algo para ti.

Aquí están las diferentes actividades que puedes hacer esta Navidad en La Feria. Aunque quisiéramos que todos pudiesen disfrutar de todos los juegos,cada atracción tiene requerimientos de estatura o edad. Esto está pensado para hacer que su experiencia sea divertida y 100% segura.


¡Tenemos 24 fantásticas atracciones dedicadas a los pequeños consentidos de la familia! No hay sueños imposibles en La Feria, los chiquitos pueden echar a volar su imaginación con nuestros divertidos juegos y recorridos.


Entre ellas están los mini carritos chocones, las tazas locas y las clásicas sillas voladoras…


Has intentado que tus hijos adolescentes pasen un día en familia y lo disfruten pero siempre prefieren estar con sus amigos, ¿Cierto? Probablemente creen que se van a aburrir, pero tú puedes asómbralos e invitarlos a La Feria! Ven a ver nuestras 11 divertidas atracciones, hechas para los más atrevidos y osados de la casa…


Las más populares son la Torre Pepsi, Nao de China y el Cascabel. Adrenalina pura y diversión garantizada en cada momento… Verás como tus hijos querrán pasar más tiempo contigo, y serás el papá o la mamá más cool.

Para toda la familia

¡Cierra este 2018 con broche de oro, y ven estas vacaciones de Navidad en familia a La Feria y descubre lo genial que es! Visita nuestras 10 atracciones y recorridos familiares…


Entre ellos destacan la Casona del Terror, los Troncos y la Cabaña Chueca. Momentos inolvidables a un precio regalado… La Feria siempre te sacará una sonrisa, y te dará recuerdos para toda la vida.

Feeling Homesick? 10 things to do this Thanksgiving in Mexico

Feeling Homesick? 10 things to do this Thanksgiving in Mexico

You might be far from home, but that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving has to feel weird… Although going to a pumpkin patch, or stuffing a turkey might not happen in your visit to the Riviera Maya, there’s a bunch of alternatives!

Here is a list of 10 activities you can do and places you can visit to make your vacation worthwhile:

  1.  Experience Indigenous Cultures:

    Live a unique experience in the Caribbean amongst the many historical landmarks, and learn about the culture in the area. As you may know, Mexico is very diverse in the cultural standpoint, don’t miss out on it! Visit some of the great ruins like Tulum, on the coast; or Coba in the jungle.Cobá-thanksgiving

  2. Dining in Cozumel:

    Some restaurants will serve the traditional meal including turkey, while others prepare their own special traditional Thanksgiving meal with a Mexican flair, which will be worth trying out. The majority of these restaurants are beautifully designed and equipped with big screen televisions. Visitors have the chance to watch several festivities, parades and football games going on in the United States.cozumel-thanksgiving

  3. La Casa del Agua

    One more year, La Casa del Agua, famous for its “casual fine dining”, prepares a special Thanksgiving menu. Their turkey comes with specialties such as pumpkin risotto and mashed sweet potatoes.

  4. Temperature Begins To Cool

    Cooler weather starts to make its way to the Mexican Caribbean around October. While the days remain sunny and warm, the night’s temperatures fall. You have a perfect balance of sunshine by day and a fresh, comfortable climate at night. As the heat disappears while the sun sets, activities like cocktails on one of the city’s famous rooftop lounges, or dancing the night away become much more appealing.

  5. Riviera Maya Jazz Fest

    The end of November and beginning of December is a great time to check out some of the country’s best jazz musicians and singers in one of its top vacation destinations – Playa del Carmen. This year’s edition includes a homage to Toussiant, Steffie Belt, and the Memo Ruiz Bolero Jazz Big Band on the roster.

  6. Venture into the Jungle.

    Don’t miss out on the amazing deals you can get by booking in advance, with Selvatica! Discover the many tours and experiences that Selvatica offers this Thanksgiving. These activities include the Gimme AllOffroad Polaris and Extreme Canopy!                       selvatica-thanksgiving

  7. Take Advantage of Combo’s!

    Live an amazing day with the Dolphin Pass, an incredible combo that includes the excitement of Ventura Park and a magical swim with dolphins! Book online and get an amazing discount of up to 50% on your pass. The Dolphin Pass includes Fun World, Wet n ‘Wild, AaahVentura, a Swim with Dolphins and unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages.

  8. Swim with Dolphins.

    Immerse yourself underwater in Dolphinaris’ All Inclusive Cozumel, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world; meet dolphins and enjoy the magic of these mysterious creatures in an all-inclusive experience for the whole family.

    9. Visit Cancun’s Underwater Museum!

    For an incredible experience, go to the ocean’s depths… Amaze yourself with the unique Underwater Museum. This awesome place has more than 500 life-sized sculptures, which you see by snorkeling in the turquoise water!                                                                      Diving-in-MUSA-thanksgiving

    10. Experience the Magic of JOYÀ

    For a more pricey, but unforgettable dinner, witness Cirque Du Soleil’s JOYÀ. You’ll never experience a dinner as unique as JOYÀ’s, with delicious and jaw-dropping meals, while watching an extraordinary show.

Make of this Thanksgiving an unforgettable memory, with Selvatica.


Black Friday VS Buen Fin: Amazing Deals, Similiarities and Differences.

Behold, one of the busiest days of the year for malls and shopping centers.  Black Friday. People camp out, to tear stores to shreds, ruthlessly looking for their ideal items. Learn more about the national holiday AND find out the differences between Black Friday VS. Buen Fin.


So how did this all begin?


There’s no specific data on when the day after Thanksgiving turned into America’s biggest annual shopping spree, but we do know that:

  • Black Friday’s unofficial start dates back to the 19th century, as Abe Lincoln designated Thanksgiving to the last Thursday in November.
  • Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, anywhere from November 23rd to 29th.
  • The actual Black Friday term originated in Philadelphia, on a crisis of 1869: a stock market catastrophe set off by gold spectators who tried and failed to corner the gold market, causing the market to collapse and stocks to plummet.
  • “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit.


black friday_1

So basically when store-owners/ retailers realised how drawn people were to the buzz, they created strategies to lure clients of all kinds… Whether you are one of the brave campers, or you prefer to skip the craze and shop at home, Black Friday will get you.

Now, you must be asking yourself what is “Buen Fin” when we said that we’d talk about the differences and similarities between Black Friday VS. Buen Fin. Let’s get to it.



This could be called the Black Friday’s younger sister tradition, here’s all you need to know about Buen Fin:

  • “Buen Fin” literally translates to Good Weekend.
  • Buen Fin had it’s first edition in 2011, from November 18th to 21st.
  • 106 thousands of millions of pesos were made on the first edition.
  • Now it’s celebrated halfway through November and it’s purpose started as to “reboot” the economy.
  • Buen Fin lasts 4 days, whereas Black Friday lasts only one.
  • As far as seasons go, Buen Fin was planned to be held before Black Friday and Christmas.
  • Another BIG difference is the intention and reason for the shopping dates. In Mexico Buen Fin is thought to be an economical aid for those in need of help year-long, meanwhile Black Friday caters to Christmas consumption.
  • Gains are also out of balance, when the U.S gained 60 billion dollars Mexico had 10 billion dollars less to their favor.


Black Friday VS. Buen Fin

Now that you know about these great opportunities to catch unique deals, we want to advise you briefly on how to make the most out of it.

  1. Have a planned budget: IF you find a once-in-a-lifetime deal, you can go out of said budget, if not don’t bother.
  2. Spend only the money you have: Don’t sign any contracts with imaginary money, you don’t want to go home with debt!
  3. Prioritize: Don’t start by going bonkers and buying anything you see on sale, since you’ll end up broke. Make sure you have the basics covered, and then think of indulging in personal desires.

So who won you over between Black Friday VS. Buen Fin?

Differences & Similarities: Halloween and Day Of The Dead

It’s the time of the year in which kids run around holding humongous bags of candies! That’s ordinary in the U.S but how common is it in Mexico? Halloween has a cousin tradition named the “Day Of The Dead”. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities between them.


Halloween was originated in the ancient Celtic festival of “Samhain” – the celebration of the end of harvest season. Back then, the Gaels though that on October 31st the worlds of the living and the dead got mixed up and the dead would come back to life and wreak havoc among the living. How would they scare the dead? Wearing costumes and masks.

Carving pumpkins on Halloween is not just for fun, it is also believed to scare away evil spirits. According to an Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a selfish man named Jack who, because he fooled the devil several times, was forbidden entrance into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to wander the Earth, waving his lantern leading people away from their paths.


Halloween is said to have started around 4000 B.C., which means Halloween is over 6,000 years old. The dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating goes back to the practice of “guising,” in which people would disguise themselves and go door-to-door, asking for food.

Day Of The Dead

The official dates are Nov.1— Dia de los Angelitos, dedicated to deceased youth—and Nov. 2Día de los Difuntos, for adults. Some believe in beginning celebrations on the evening of Oct. 31, by visiting the graveyards where the souls of the children are said to ascend at midnight.


On Dia De Los Muertos, families visit cemeteries to look out and bring ofrendas (offerings) to the deceased, such as flowers, candles and food. Parties are often held during the yearly event, which can involve the entire community, because it is thought that spirits bless those who honor their dead relatives with good luck, wisdom and protection.

At home, families put up altars and cover them with photos and the deceased’s favorite food. Alcoholic beverages are placed if they were adults. In the children’s case, candy and toys that they used to play with are set on the altar. Marigolds (the flower of death), fresh water, trinkets and sugar skulls are crucial too.

Differences and Similarities

In 2008, UNESCO recognized the importance of Día de los Muertos by adding the holiday to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Whereas Halloween remains a popular tradition and fun celebration.

Although the trick or treating has become popular amongst mexicans throughout the years, it’s still not that common. And the Day Of The Dead is very scarcely known to americans, since there’s a misconception about its resemblance to Halloween.

Halloween’s purpose is to hide from the dead, be afraid of them, trick them. Meanwhile Day of the Dead represents gratitude, respect and love for the deceased.

After all, we all have our differences and similarities. Both celebrations are equally valid and shouldn’t be frowned upon.

Plan Smartly. Book Now and Save with Dolphinaris!

Christmas and the rush/stress that comes with it are closer by the day! If all the crazy crowds and uber-expensive things drive you nuts too, then listen carefully… Plan smartly, book NOW and save the day!


The best part of Christmas is being with your family, so don’t turn it into a nightmare with the unnecessary stress and anger!

You might find it hard to believe that traveling, buying gifts and prepping meals can be relaxing and pleasant. Well, think again… It can be! But how is this possible? One word, and one word only: Organization.

Firstly, you have to define the outcome you want. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. You need to set a deadline for all of the purchases/subscriptions/bookings you’ll make. Otherwise when Christmas Eve is just around the corner, you’ll be going out of your mind.
  2. Break that outcome down into bits and pieces, and WRITE IT DOWN on your planner or calendar. Organize what must be achieved each week for you to be on track.
  3. Take a DEEP breath. Oftentimes we get carried away in the moment, or get so stressed out that we forget to breathe! Be patient, and take breaks.

Okay, now you can learn some tips and tricks for the most important issues of the Christmas Rush.

Plane Tickets

  • Book at least weeks in advance
  • Take a red-eye flight.
  • It’s preferable to have a long layover than to risk rushing through an overcrowded airport to your next flight. If you don’t make the    connection, only out of mere luck there might be a seat on the next plane.


  • By browsing in an incongnito browser session, you might able to find a lower price because the website cannot use their tracking cookies to determine any previous browsing history you might have had.


  • Google Shopping is the way to go for finding the cheapest prices in gifts.
  • Lots of high street and high-end shops have online outlet stores. Use them!
  • Stick to a Christmas gift budget.
  • Take Advantage of Cyber Monday, you can find online bargains all year long at Cybermonday.com
  •  Get crafty, there’s nothing better than a homemade gift.


  • Sleep more than 1 night in your accommodation
  • Rent Apartments or Suites like Airbnb, for a safe and economical stay.
  • Stay in a nearby town or outside the city center
  • Sign up for e-newsletter deals
  • Call or Email the hotel directly, it should be easier to negotiate and find out about special packages, or other offers.


There’s nothing more important than enjoying life and living in the moment, so make the most out of it! There’s no need to make extra expenses or buy some ridiculously priced gifts. It is all in being with your family and making memories to last a lifetime. You and your loved ones can have a blast, and you pockets don’t have to end up empty!

Choose to play it smart, get ahead of everyone. Don’t pay more than you should just because you’re in a hurry… Book NOW and save your cash!

Family Oriented Activities in the Riviera Maya Fall 2018

Autumn is Here!

Summer is over.                                                                                                            Autumn is here! Dive into the endless possibilities this season brings…        The Riviera Maya is packed with Family oriented activities for you to enjoy!


 Family Oriented Activities : FALL 2018

First things first. Now that Fall season has started, the hot temperatures are slowly decreasing and the days are getting shorter… You must be thinking “Oh no! So I can’t go to the beach anymore?” Stop worrying! Luckily Cancun has an optimal weather for visiting the beach all-year-round. 

Whether you’re chasing the sun or escaping the cold, the Riviera Maya is waiting for you and your family with tons of fun things to do!

Nature at it’s best

Without a doubt, Mexico’s landscapes are amazing. Especially in the Caribbean… Give your kids moments they will keep forever. Go together to the beach or to a lagoon and enjoy an amazing sunset…


If you still have some energy left, you can’t miss the night skies. For this one you’ll have to go a bit inland because of the light pollution.



The U.S is known for its big Halloween parties, whereas Mexico is famous for an incredibly unique festivity/celebration. Don’t be fooled! Día de Muertos is NOT Mexico’s Halloween.

If you get a bit homesick, and think your kids are brave enough, visit Ventura Park! They’re hosting the annual HALLOWEEN PARTY: a night full of scary good fun! There’s gonna be a foam party, a DJ and much more… Don’t miss out on Ventura Park’s spooky nights!


Ventura Park is a family oriented amusement park located in Cancun, where you must go and spend a scarily fun day with your loved ones!

Or maybe visit the Festival del Día de los Muertos. This is spread out in spots like Parque Las Palapas, Plaza de la Reforma del Palacio Municipal, Teatro 8 de octubre, etc. Where more than 450 artists are involved in 16 different interactive activities to celebrate this festivity.


Family fun

If you and your family love dolphins and special experiences, Dolphinaris will be a MUST this Fall Season.


Spooky discounts this Autumn at Dolphinaris

Don’t miss out on the Fall Pre-Sale, get 50% on your dolphin swim on the Dolphinaris website… Click on the highlighted word above!

  • Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is not as common in México as it is in the U.S, there are some delicious restaurants where you can enjoy a nice family meal!

 thanksgiving Family oriented activities

Bovino’s Churrascaria:

Indulge in delicious brazilian/ international meals at an accessible price. This awesome place is located in Cancun’s Downtown. The menu consists mostly of meat but this restaurant is vegetarian and gluten free friendly.


Puerto Madero:

Dine by the lagoon and experience Cancun’s hotel zone at Puerto Madero. An argentinian steakhouse, and seafood restaurant where you can have a blast with your family!


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse:

An american style steakhouse, with a vegetarian friendly menu. Located in Plaza Kukulcan, visit an all-time favorite and have a wonderful dinner.


What are you waiting for? Come

For more Family Oriented Activities also visit the following links: