Beautiful Destinations to Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

dolphinaris-swim-with-dolphins-in cancun

Do you want to swim with dolphins in Cancun, but you’re not sure about where to do so? Don’t fret. Let us make it easier for you, and help you find your ideal dolphinarium…

Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Dolphinaris encourages you to care for our marine friends, therefore when looking at options you should consider:

  • The animal’s safety, health and overall wellbeing.
  • A friendly environment and ambient.
  • Well informed staff and excellent customer service.

These points are crucial when planning on doing activities that involve animals and well, when you wanna have a great time! Good news is, we have the quintessential dolphinarium model waiting for you.

The following are locations in and around Cancun, including a preview to know what to expect from each.

Cancun Ventura Park Dolphinaris

ventura dolphinaris

This location screams fun! Being inside the fantastic Ventura Park, in the Cancun Hotel Zone, this dolphinarium is a great choice if you want to have a mix and match of activities. The interactions that take place at this Dolphinaris are a fin-to-hand shake, and a sweet kiss. Ideal for your first dolphin encounter. Unlimited meals and drinks are available for Ventura.

Cozumel Dolphinaris


Cozumel has a charming vibe that will make you fall in love! This dolphinarium is surrounded by the turquoise caribbean waters, and the dolphins are in a more natural habitat. The feel and look of this location is a bit warmer, you get a 40 min interaction plus unlimited meals and drinks!

Riviera Maya Dolphinaris

riviera maya dolphins

This state-of-the-art dolphinarium is a bit more excluded, and exclusive. You can lounge next to the dolphins, swim in a pool near them and relax while you enjoy the view… However, if you’re looking for a heart-felt experience you can also find that here! With the enrichment half-day program, you can get to know these fun and intelligent mammals as never before.

Tulum Dolphinaris

tulum dolphinaris swim with dolphins in cancun

Located in the luxurious hotel Grand Bahia Principe, Dolphinaris Tulum is one of the most modern and technologically advanced dolphinariums. This program is 60 minutes long with an awesome interaction of 40 minutes. There is a super fun and free educational presentation for all guests of the hotel.

Dolphinaris Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

barcelo- swim with dophins in cancun

This Ocean Care Station is exclusive for guests staying at the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort. Have a fin-tastic experience in a smaller yet very well equipped dolphinarium. From the commodity of your hotel, hop on the cart and step out to the beautiful white sand beaches…

Each location is equipped with Photo rental services, some have rental lockers and towels, but every one of these has an amazing care for dolphins. At Dolphinaris we care about you and about your wellbeing as much as we do with our marine mammal friends!

Whether you’re more into watching the dolphins from afar, or you love a close up interaction, there’s always something waiting for you at Dolphinaris. All of these options are sure to amaze you, now it is your turn to pick which one suits your interests best!


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