New Year’s Bucketlist MUSTS: Cancun Adventure Tours

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun adventure tours

New Year’s Bucketlist MUSTS: Cancun Adventure Tours

The year is almost over, and we’re all for new beginnings… so if you’re in the Caribbean, make the most out of it and keep on reading for the best Cancun Adventure Tours.

Are you part of the brave ones? The ones who don’t settle for less, who are always craving more? Do you love adrenaline? Wanna think outside the box? Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love nature and having fun?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then keep reading…


Selvatica: Only the Best Cancun Adventure Tours

As if visiting the Caribbean wasn’t thrilling enough already, now you get to experience a rush of adrenaline in the best adventure park! If you haven’t heard of Selvatica we’ve got one question for you: what rock have you been living under?!

Selvatica is the #1 rated Outdoor Activity on Trip Advisor, and it has also been named the “Best adventure Park in Mexico and Latin America”. Loved by critics and acclaimed by the people, we are proud to call ourselves the best Adventure Park. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that you can treasure for a lifetime, Selvatica is definitely the way to go.

Extremely Fun!

We’re not kidding when we talk about adventure, check out our 3 different tours:

cancun adventure tours 1

Explore the depths of the jungle by walking on our wooden hanging bridges rope course! Exciting and scary, with more than 5 kinds of bridges that resemble the ones in an adventure movie…

Selvatica is surrounded by a tropical rainforest full of birds, lizards and other exotic animals for you to see. Unlike our competitors, our landscape and flora are 100% natural, making your experience wilder and better.

cancun adventure park

Take flight and enjoy our thrilling 10 zip-line circuit: with different lengths and speeds, each zip-line promises adrenaline! You get to pick if you get soaked or not at the end of the ride. Let the heights and the wind set you free!

cancun adventure tours water

Once the circuit is over, hop on Tarzania the zipline-coaster that overlooks the dense and huge jungle! This ride will make you feel like you’re soaring Superman style over our 100% natural jungle ecosystem…

The Highest Quality Employees

We know you’re here for the adventure, but we’re sure you’ll stay for the spectacular staff… From beginning to end our staff is constantly making sure you feel at home by their extraordinary care and warmth. With the trademark Mexican hospitality Selvatica promises to give you the most pleasant experience you can imagine.

Not only are they qualified and trained to excel at their jobs, but they love to see people having a blast! The atmosphere in Selvatica is full of energy and good vibes that are sure to give you happy memories.

Selvatica thrives for excellence in all aspects including safety, flora and fauna conservation, and last but not least… fun! See for yourself, jump in this tropical adventure and let Selvatica surprise you.

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